Pro Pinstripe Techniques

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Pro Pinstripe Techniques might be called the collected wisdom of East Coast Artie. Artie shares with readers everything he's leaned in more than forty years of pinstriping on every surface imaginable. Learn first hand why Artie chose a particular color combination, or a certain brand of paint for a particular job.

To illustrate how pinstriping works in the real world, the bulk of this book is made up of twelve start-to-finish pinstriping sequences performed by Artie and a small cadre of guest artists. Each of the guest artists, from Nubs, (of Orange County Choppers fame), to Mr. Jay, Mikie Fredricks, Howie Nisgor, and Zeke Lamanski, have their own style and their own contribution to this pinstriping book.

These projects, each one photographed in colorful detail, include hot rods, motorcycles, helmets and a variety of panels. Artie explains his philosophy on design, and why he believes the hardest part is having he wisdom and experience to know when to say when.

As appreciation for the art of pinstriping grows, there's also a growing market for panels, as pure objects de art. Artie and his guest artists illustrate a variety of styles as they turn panels in to the most mild-blowing explosion of color ever seen. From basic strokes, to choosing the best color combination to deciding which paint to use for a job that will be clear coated later, there isn't much about pinstriping that Artie and his guests don't know and don't share with readers in this new 144 page book.